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An experiential learning experience including virtual job shadowing, dialogue simulations with hiring managers and project opportunities with senior professionals in your field.

Intensive training, life-long benefit

Mentur’s unique competency-based training is developed by professional leadership coaches with thousands of hours training experience. The 4-week training benefit you for the rest of your professional development. You will not only learn how to crack an interview but also how to really succeed in a job and adapt to the culture.

Ongoing support and extensive resources

The easiest way to get supported and endorsed by industry approved mentors during your job hunting journey. The best results you can expect getting connected with employers directly.

More than a course. Enjoy three perks.

Explore all the exciting opportunities available to all enrolled mentees.

  • Perk 1 - Personalized Job Opportunities

    After completing your program, we will recommend job opportunities that suit for you!

  • Perk 2 - Enter our talent pool and get noticed by employers

    Tired of waiting forever for recruiter to accept your invitation? Leave it to Mentur. Entering our talent pool is the easiest way to get connected and noticed.

  • Perk 3 - Weekly Q&A with mentors

    Your relationship with your mentors doesn't end with the program. You're invited to submit your questions anytime and attend the weekly online Q&A sessions to get your questions answered by mentors.

What our mentees are saying about us

“I found myself more confident and more aware of what questions might be asked in an interview. My mentor Rebecca knows what an interviewer is looking for and she mined my experience and found my strengths which I never realized before.”

Data Analyst

Queenie Wei

“Now when I look back, I feel like I should thank myself for seeking help from Mentur when I was so frustrated in the job hunting journey. All I needed was professional guidance and encouragement and Mentur gave me all that.”

CAD Engineer

Abdul Patel

“As a new immigrant, I used to have a lot of struggles and didn't know from whom I could ask for help. I really appreciate it that Mentur has been so supportive. My mentor gave me a bunch of useful tips and helped me improve both my technical skills and soft skills.”

Marketing specialist

Freya Liu

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